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Merchants Distributors offers a variety of services to enable our customers to succeed. Click on an service category on the left to find out more information on how MDI can fit into your business today.

MDI provides hosting of all vendor pertinent pricing data. DSD host files are created weekly and attached to retailer’s host file. DSD hosting eliminates forgotten discounts, missed allowances, helps protects the retailer’s gross margin, reduces the amount of pricing discrepancies at the register, and reduces the delivery of unauthorized items. MDI will assist customers with vendor support.

MDI’s DSD program also consists of magazine programs, central bill programs, and Risk Planners.

Email our DSD Team for more information.

Revionics is an advanced pricing system that uses point-of-sale data along with other variables such as costs, competition, and product mix to optimize retailer’s gross profit. It is MDI’s belief that the use of strategic pricing tools, such as Revionics, can have a positive effect on a retailer’s ability to compete and stay profitable. This system is available to any of MDI’s independent retailers and is maintained in-house.

Email our Revionics Team for more information.

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Speed of shelf
Timely shelf management
All inclusive (retailer, vendor, MDI)
Retail success teams
Successful retailers

Speed of shelf refers to a system which takes approved introductions of new items presented by MDI vendors and places those items on the retail shelves in a timely fashion.

Timely shelf management allows the retailer to have accurate and timely schematics which suggests the right item in the store at the right time, and on the shelf in the right location for maximum sales.

All inclusive refers to the fact that the entire program involves and supports the MDI customer, the vendor, and MDI.

Retail success teams stands for teams who implement the plan o grams at retail. Teams are located geographically and visit participating stores to implement the updated cycle plan o grams throughout the year.

Successful retailers are the lifeblood for success of MDI as well as the vendors who are represented. The STARS program is committed to superior implementation of new items and on going merchandising.

Email our Shelf Management Team for more information.

MTH is a private fleet company with full common carrier and broker authority. Headquartered in Hickory, MTH is the transportation arm for the Alex Lee, Inc. family of companies.

Over 600 customers throughout the southeast are serviced by MTH. Over 1100 outbound loads are shipped per week, and over 650 inbound loads are arranged by MTH.

MTH facts:
   205 tractors; age of 5 years or less
   400+ trailers; combination of multi temp reefers and dry vans
   300 drivers averaging 25 years of experience
   NPTC member
   25+ million miles per year

Email our MTH Team for more information.

For retail accounting services, please contact Mark Ehleben at Marke@fmssolutions.com.
Phone: (877) 435-9400 - extension 1402

To stay competitive and profitable MDI looks for ways to improve retail sales, decrease unnecessary expenses, and retain quality employees. Education is the key component to a prosperous future for everyone. MDI is dedicated to helping retailers grow skills and experience levels by providing quality education. Thus, retailers can participate in RIOL.

RIOL hosts workshops and seminars three times a year to provide professional expertise in all areas of a grocery store. A few examples of workshops are: holiday merchandising, hiring and retaining employees, maximize sales in perishable departments, competing in today’s economic times, retail success stories, COOL compliance laws, and retail development. These seminars can improve skill levels for store owners, store managers, department managers, supervisors, and front line employees.

Email our Retail Institute Team for more information.

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MDI offers a full service Advertising Department with state-of-the-art technology. MDI has skilled layout specialists that take pride in fulfilling each retailer’s expectations. This department is dedicated to providing quality and the most cost-effective methods of producing and distributing ads.

The advertising department has the latest technology and experience to produce effective and high-quality advertisements. On-line proofing is provided which allows print-ready pages quickly.

MDI also has a digital print shop that contains the most up-to-date technology in software and equipment. From color digital printing to black and white digital printing, the print shop offers a wide range of print options.

Email our Advertising Department for more information.

MDI's Business to Business program specializes in servicing chains and distributors that buy in less than truckload (LTL) amounts. This would include dry grocery, health & wellness, general merchandise, tobacco, supplies, frozen foods, refrigerated dairy, fresh meat and fresh produce. Because of our expanded customer base and extensive distribution channels we are able to offer our customers a wide variety with over 37,000 items to choose from. Our flexible sell plan offers our customers several options and solutions that include the consolidation of MFG’s, support for slow movers, inventory replenishment and relief from LTL's vendors.

Email our B2B Team for more information.

Retail Automation Services' (RAS) mission is to provide technology support for MDI retailers. RAS is comprised of three groups: marketing and implementation; support;, and development. Each group brings a unique skill set to help create competitive advantages, increase efficiencies, and help retailers grow their business.

RAS employees are experienced professionals that offer retail solutions from retail people. With experience in store management, pricing analysis, technical support, and product development, RAS provides comprehensive programs.

RAS leverages its relationship with leading technology partners to offer retailers the best applications available at the lowest price. RAS has a comprehensive program to research, test, and evaluate system capabilities to match retailer’s needs.

RAS offers the following technology programs:
   DSD/Back-office receiving
   In-store signs and labels
   Hand-held wireless products for receiving and price verification
   Host support
   Digital video security
   Electronic payment solutions
   Gift cards
   Price optimization
Alex Lee Incorporated logo    Perishable scales

Email our Retail Automation Services for more information.

MDI assists retailers in developing new stores or remodeling existing stores. Our store development department coordinates with retailers on market analysis, site selection, store planning and design, and the purchasing of new or used equipment.

Examples of our services are:
   Retail Competition Reports
   Demographic and Trade Area Reports
   Profit Performa
   Business Plan
   Market Study
   Lease Negotiation
   Equipment Needs Analysis

Email our Store Development Team for more information.

With a centralized, state-of-the-art meat processing facility, MDI now has a case ready meat program for retailers. This program is an alternative that solves some of today’s issues with tomorrow’s technology.

This case ready meat program can prevent sales loss due to out of stocks in the fresh meat counter, offer more consistent and quality cuts of meat, reduce overtime, improve sanitation HACCP issues, and offer a larger variety in counter on a consistency basis.

MDI’s case ready facility focuses on food safety and has a USDA inspector on-site. The facility is also in compliance with COOL (Country of Origin Labeling), provides a controlled environment, and product is easily traceable. Meat is not injected with any type of solution and is wrapped in clear packaging.

MDI’s case ready meat program is quick and easy to set up and allows employees to focus on selling meat instead of production. Product is shipped in a mother bag and has an eight to ten day shelf life.

Currently, the following items are available through the case ready program:
   SuKarne Steak (a product of Mexico)

Email our Case Ready Meats Service for more information.

MDI hosts three merchandising shows a year and each show is an opportunity for MDI customers to meet one-on-one with the vendor community to view new items, find special buys, and communicate directly with vendors.

Email our Merchandising Shows Team for more information.

Galaxy Food Center is a voluntary ad group consisting of more than 150 independently owned supermarkets located in seven states. Galaxy started in 1979 with the purpose of enabling independents to compete with chain stores. Galaxy enhances an independent retailers image through the merchandising and advertising programs offered.

Galaxy works by combing all 150+ stores together to have buying power as one. This enables the lowest possible cost for independent stores. Galaxy assists retailers in growing their business and becoming more profitable.

Email the Galaxy Ad Group for more information.

IGA is a voluntary licensing group designed to help independent grocers attain large-volume buying power and an international group affiliation. All licensed IGA retailers have access to a variety of services, including exclusive IGA brand products, exclusive IGA promotions and marketing programs, training and education for employees, online information resources, 5-Star store evaluation programs, health insurance programs, and cause-related/community service programs.

MDI became a licensed IGA distribution center in 1994. MDI provides licensed IGA customers with an award winning merchandising and advertising program that enhances the national IGA services and programs. Through the buying power of MDI’s warehouse, IGA retailers are assured of the lowest cost on goods. In addition, MDI provides an extensive line of IGA Brand products and signage exclusive to IGA retailers. For more information on IGA, visit the following website: www.iga.com.
Email the IGA Ad Group for more information.

Piggly Wiggly began as a single store in 1916 and is now comprised of over 600 stores in 17 states. MDI began supplying produce to 18 of the North Carolina stores in 2006. During the subsequent years, MDI continued to secure more business within the group and presently is the primary supplier for all departments for number of North Carolina stores.

Piggly Wiggly benefits from low product costs that result from the purchasing power of MDI and from advertising and merchandising programs developed specifically for the group. MDI supports Piggly Wiggly with a complete private label program consisting of over 450 Piggly Wiggly items as well as merchandising and in-store signage programs.
email the Piggly Wiggly Ad Group for more information.

Consolidation Services is a third party logistics company within the Alex Lee, Inc. family of companies. A division of MDI, Consolidation Services supplies a vast array of warehousing and distribution services, specializing in helping manufacturers ship products to retail.

Key Services:
   Pick, Pack and Ship
   eCommerce Fulfillment
   Food Grade, Bonded Dry Warehouse Storage
   Transportation Management, including Freight Brokering and Forwarding
   Mass Merchant Capability
   Displays, Kitting, and Assembly
   Foreign Trade Zone
   Importing and Exporting
   Multi-language Product Relabeling
   Inventory Management

Please contact
Customer Service (customerservice@consolidationservices.com) for more information.